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Micro-Brewery Equipment Online Internet Auction - Ends: Monday October 30, 2017 NOON: Alaska Time

Item Description
JJ3.Lot of (4) Draft Taps, (2) 4 way CO2 distributors, (8) Sankey D Keg couples (liquid backflow valves removed), Misc Silicone, "Beer", and CO2 tubing.
JJ4.Lot of (5) Cornelius Kegs

​Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs, fair condition.

JJ5.Bright Tank (3BBL) w/ components - ​Tank has a small leak in the glycol Jacket. The leak has a temporary repair (Silicone Caulking) that has allowed it to function for 6+ months. Come with Carbonation stone and all fittings.
JJ6.Lot of (2) 20LBS CO2 Tanks with 1 regulators.
JJ7.Walk in cooler with A/C Unit and CoolBot controller ​Fully functioning Walk in cooler setup. The A/C unit uses 110V power. The Cool Bot allows you to control the temperature and keep the unit 34 deg F.​
JJ8.UBC H35G-3/8 Tayfun Horizontal 75 Ft. Glycol Chiller with a totton pump is an excellent glycol cooler. Glycol power pack comes equipped with a 1/3hp compressor and digital thermostat. This tayfun chiller includes a 5GI bath and has up to a 75' run distance. ​Used for 1 year.​
JJ9.Lot of (2) 90 Gallon Stainless Steel Open Top Tanks with 2" Tri-clover valves. Fermenter (Recycled Dairy Vats)
JJ10.Boil Pot​ and water Barrel with 1.5 Tri Clover Fitting (45 Gallon​ ea.​)

This boil pot fits on top of a 6 burner commercial stove and can boil/cook 50 gallons of Liquid. Water barrel has connectors and floats to allow for 45 gallons of filtered water storage.

JJ11.Mixing Tank - 90 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank with 2" Tri Clover fitting. ​No legs. Comes with a furniture dolly and strap
JJ12.Gould Centrifugal Pump 1.5 HP motor. Used to transfer Tea and kombucha. Has 1.5 inch Tri Clover connections on inlet and outlet. Would make a great CIP pump for a brewery. currently wired for 110V but can run on 208V 3 Phase power. ​
JJ13.3 Barrel Heat Exchanger Wort Chiller ​

Used to cool tea. Comes with garden hose and quick disconnects for cooling water.​

JJ14.Tri Clover Clamps and Fittings ​

1.5" Tri Clover clamps (13 ea.)

2" Tri Clover Clamps (3 ea.)

Silicone Tri Clover washers (​25+) Valves and more.

JJ15.Omega J8005x Juice Press and Masticating Juicer - ​Table top Fruit press. 1.5 Gallon.
JJ16.Juice Concentrate (Blueberry, Raspberry, and Carrot) 3-4 Gallons ea. Flavor.

This concentrate make roughly 1 Cup for every 2 Tablespoons.

Stored in 5 Gallon Buckets- Must be kept frozen.

JJ17.Utility Shelf 6 foot wide. Has 2 shelves.
JJ18.Unpublished (trade-secret) 5 kombucha recipes

This is the recipes for the 4 flavors that Zip Kombucha sold commercially. Plain Jane, Blueberry Mary, Ginger Rogers, and Maleena Mint. You will receive the recipes for a 5 Gallon batch and a release of the right from Zip Kombucha.

You will also receive 1 non-caffeinated kombucha recipe, that has been developed, but hasn't yet been in commercial production. It is equally as delicious as the above 4. ​

This Auction also includes enough Scoby and Starter tea to make a 50 Gallon Batch ​(5 Gallon Starter tea and Scoby).

JJ19.Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, Twitter and Kickstarter audience

Facebook has 1,344 Likes. ( We have a wonderful and supportive follower base. The name of the Facebook page can be changed 1 time! You can use it to grow your Kombucha business.)

Instagram has 671 followers.

Twitter has 53 followers

Kickstarter contributors - we have 169 people (mostly local) who have successfully backed us on Kickstarter. If you are starting a kombucha business, you could notify these individuals of your upcoming business.

JJ20.Lot of (35) Cases Zip Kombucha Glass Growlers 64 oz Glass Growlers

6 Growlers Per Case, Total of (210) Growlers

JJ21.1.5" Tri Clover Compatible Strainer with 3" OD Body​. ​22. Tri Clover Hoses. One 8 ft. x 1 in Inside Diameter. One 8 ft x 1.5 in inside diameter.
JJ22.Tri Clover Hoses. One 8 ft. x 1 in Inside Diameter. One 8 ft x 1.5 in inside diameter.
JJ24.Zip Kombucha name

You will receive the right to use Zip Kombucha name to include all rights to the logo and other art materials.

You will also receive all the rights and use for the Zip Kombucha website domain.

JJ23.Chemicals. Roughly 1 Gallon Excel APA, 1 Gallon BSR 10, 4.5 Gallons of Purisan.
JJ25.Speedup Instant Gazebo 10'x10'

Perfect for Farmer's markets or other outdoor sales stands.

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